All pieces are priced differently according to material, Karat type, size of teeth etc . In order to respect my clientele I have decided to keep my prices private, but will gladly share info with those who inquire within the guidelines provided.



If you have any questions at all regarding pricing, shipping or general information please email me at :


Molds / Impressions

In order for me to begin the Grill making process I require " Positive Dental Molds " obtained by means of dental impression. For the time being I do not ship impression materials therefore those of you abroad must send me your molds. The most accurate, easy & straightforward way to obtain your molds is to visit your dentist. Call in advance to save yourself disappointment in case your dentist doesn't offer this service.




Because Grillz attach onto your teeth by means of tension it is wiser to use softer golds. 14k and higher are more suitable for dental use for the reason they are softer, as well as the fact they have a higher gold content compared to 10k. If you are allergic to Nickel then 10k white gold is out of the question, the nickel content is very high. If you have any metal allergies please notify me when we begin the process so that I may best guide your decision in a safe direction.



I ship my products worldwide. Upon request I will gladly provide you with shipping fees, and all info regarding  mailing services.



If you are placing a foreign order, once I receive your Molds in the mail I will send photographic verification that the molds in my possession are in fact yours. After you have verified the image I require payment in full via Email Money Transfer. Once I receive the funds I will begin working the next business day and inform you when your order will be shipped. If you prefer to speak to me I am more than happy to go through the process with you over the phone in detail.



Thank You, Sincerely.


Jonathan H. Rakhsha